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Security Advice

The incidence of crime, including violent crimes such as armed robbery, shooting, stabbing, murder, and rape, is on the rise.  Several victims who resisted when confronted by criminals have received serious personal injuries, including gunshot wounds.

No matter how safe your neighborhood may seem, there’s always the potential for burglary or other residential crime. Be observant, practice common sense, and keep safe habits.
Stay off the streets after 10 pm, in urban and rural areas, and avoid wearing jewelry, or carrying valuable or expensive items.

Valuables should not be left unattended, including in hotel rooms and on the beach. Always handle large amounts of cash discreetly. And remember always to pay close attention to your surroundings.

Prevent a Burglary

Do you feel safe in your own home? Many people don’t think about home security until after a burglary. Prevention is often common sense, but the methods are easily overlooked.

To prevent a burglar from concealing his activities, exterior lighting should be installed to illuminate all doors and windows. Numerous commercial ornamental and functional lights are available with sensors or timers which will turn the lights on and off.

A "Thumb Turn Deadlock" can be used on all doors where windows are not in or near the door. Be sure that the bolt has at least a one inch throw and that the strike plate is attached securely through the door frame into the home structure. Since Porch or Patio Doors they are usually more hidden from view from the street or by your neighbors, extra care should be used to secure them.

Thick foliage provides the burglar with a place to work undetected. Keep shrubs away from all doors and windows. Large trees near the house should be well pruned so that the tree will not provide access to the second floor of the residence. Keep all ladders locked inside the garage when not being used. Make your home always look like someone is there.
Neighborhood Relations
Your best security device is your neighbors. Arrangements should be made with your neighbors to report any person or condition which is not consistent with the neighborhood. Statistics show that in neighborhoods where residents are concerned with their mutual safety crime rates are lower

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