Why Us

As a proven deterrent to any would-be criminal behaviour many of our customers request a higher level of security with the presence of onsite SECURITY GUARDS . Fully uniformed jaguar Security Guards ensure the security of your site and the safety of your staff, tenants patrons and assets in a professional yet friendly manner. Additional tasks can also be carried out depending on the requirements of the site such as checking other facilities in the near area. With our mobile patrol units  as backup, if required, our Static Security Officers are safe in the knowledge . If anything untoward happens on their site, their support units are only minutes away.  There is no extra charge for backup units to respond to your site should the Static Security Officer require assistance. You can employ the use of our static security officers casually or permanently. Every site is different and we choose guards that we believe are the best fit for our clients. Should you not be comfortable with your chosen guard. We will change them immediately