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To Protect and Serve

Our Mission is to Protect and Serve the community of San Pedro and give them a first-class Security Service that leaves no open questions. Jaguar Security Services provide the highest standard on the whole Island with hand picked trained employees.


Because our operational director Mr. Amador Antonio Marin (a former employee of LAG)  and
official Instructor/Master/CEO of the San Pedro Shaolin Martial Arts School, took the companies investment with deception, the Jaguar Security Services (JSS) Ltd. had to close down in November 2009 before it started going in business in January 2010.

Belziean Cone Artist Amador MarinStarting from January 14, 2010 Mr. Amador Marin was in Police custody. I filed a complained for fraud, embezzlement and taking property by deception. 
Amador Antonio Marin

Born 5th February 1968 in Belize, height 5ft 3", brown eyes .
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Since Mr. Marin left Hattieville correction facilty in late summer 2010, we have no idea where he is. Mr. Marin still owes us over 10'000 USD. Anybody that can bring us this money back will be rewarded wtih 35% of the amount brought.

I feel sorry for all our supporters that we are never were able to go operative. I thank all of you for your help and may god bless you. 


The employees of Jaguar Security Services have joined together in agreement that all work and professional relationships must be of the highest ethical and moral standards. Jaguar Security Services shall provide professional and competent services to all clients.

Our employees have to live the written and unwritten codes of principles and values that govern decisions and actions within Jaguar Security Services.

In the security industries, the organization’s culture sets standards for determining the difference between good and bad decision making and behavior.


Jaguar Security Services provides a full range of Security Services in San Pedro and all over Belize.

Before you employ your new Labour in crucial positions, be sure we do a Pre Employment Background Check for you. JSS offers 24-hour home or business alarm monitoring. Our Alarm System will be setup from our securtiy technicians.

We can Guard or Protect any Business, Public Place or Home on the whole island in and around San Pedro. To see the Full range of our Services, please visit our Service section.

Education and Carrier

Jaguar Security Services is well known for our good trained and educated Staff. All our hand picked officers have visited the High school and got a intense In house training. We also offer this training to external security officers.

All our officers have a carrier plan, and we help them to educate and develop. Together with our benefits and Social Program, Jaguar Security Services really take care for the employees there families and our customers.
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Jaguar Security Services (JSS) Ltd. protects its clients,
like the Jaguar Queen protects its cubs.